Monday, September 9, 2013

Incredible Community: Honors College

At LETU, we know that promoting an environment of academic excellence is essential to any good university experience,  but a truly great experience requires much more than that - it requires community. That's why we seek to create a strong community of Christian fellowship here at LETU, and few groups exemplify it better than the Honors College. This past week, the LETU Honors College took a break to welcome in a crowd of new faces, as well as welcomed back a few familiar ones.

On Thursday evening, first year students gathered for an "Evening with Bonhoeffer." Earlier this semester, each first year honors student received a copy of Life Together, a book written by the martyred German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer about living our lives in intentional Christian community. The event gave students a chance to check in with each other to see how the first weeks of the semester were going, to think together a little bit about Life Together and to help imagine what it might look like for the Honors College to live well as a Christian community of learning.

The following night, those first year students got a chance to live out their discussions of Christian community when both honors students and faculty who teach honors courses gathered together for the annual Honors Fall BBQ. With all the ingredients for a great get-together - food, fun and fellowship - new students got their first taste of the community that will help shape the next four years of their lives.

The Honors College at LeTourneau is a Christian community of learning that seeks to exemplify the university’s commitment to the integration of faith, learning, and living through rich academic offerings, intentional community formation, and opportunities for leadership and service in the campus, community, and beyond. We're so proud of our incoming honors students and look forward to watching them live this mission during their time at LeTourneau University.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Back with YAC

Here at LETU, the first week of residential classes is finished, and the second week is beginning. We know the start to a semester can be stressful, especially for our new students. That's why we want to make sure every YellowJacket has a chance a chance to get plugged into the LETU community and blow off a little steam while they're at it -- And what better way is there to blow way to do so than by whacking each other with foam poles, careening down giant, inflatable slides and connecting with other students across campus who share similar interests?

Last Friday, the YellowJacket Activity Council (YAC) opened the doors of the Solheim gymnasium for STOMP, our annual back-to-school bash. For LETU's over 70 student organizations, STOMP is a chance to recruit new members. For everyone else, it's a chance to have fun and learn about all the student activities LETU has to offer.

Life on campus is about more than being close to class. It's about building a community, and for many of our students, it's a community that lasts far beyond their time here at LeTourneau.

Whether that community comes in the shape of a group of people who share the same major, an organization of students who play hockey or rugby on the weekends, or just hanging out with a few buddies who live across the hall, we hope that all of our students find ways to make a second home at LETU.