Monday, January 14, 2013

Stay Up-To-Date

LeTourneau University is a very dynamic place. If you look outside on campus, there is always a building project underway. In our labs, there is a constant bubble of test tubes and whir of gears. LeTourneau is an incredibly innovative place. Ingenuity is around every corner. LETU Alumni, what continues to take place on campus every day is a part of YOUR story. The awesome accomplishments being made today are, in part, thanks to the groundwork that you laid here a few years or even decades ago.

There are many reasons, as fans of LeTourneau University, to stay up-to-date on what's happening on campus. We happen to think one of the best reasons is simply that it's fascinating stuff. LETU students are ingenious and there isn't a day that goes by here that there isn't something crazy cool happening. Whether that is a group of students carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to another continent or simply the spark of genius that yields new alternatives to fossil fuels, creative ways of adapting wheel chairs to the harsh terrain of Africa, or the low-cost production of hand-pumped wells for third-world countries…the stories are incredible.

And you can easily keep up with all of them through the LeTourneau University website and other internet tools like Facebook. If you are on Facebook, take a few minutes today to become a fan of any or all of our exciting university pages. You'll find link to those pages below.

One of these pages is our Aviation Facebook page. Something incredible has happened on that page over the past year. We brag on every one of our students when they receive new certifications or do excellent work. Many of our aviation alumni have stepped in to congratulate the students too. These words of encouragement from you mean the world to a student who has worked hard for the honors they receive. You can really encourage lives with a few simple words.

So take a few minutes today. Check out what's happening around here. 
You'll be blown away! 

View our full list of social media links to learn more.

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