Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Incredible Earthmovers as Art

It's not entirely uncommon to walk through the cafeteria at LETU and see young men and women scribbling designs for new inventions on napkins while attempting to enunciate their solution to a problem that non-techy folks (this author included) would scarcely understand. These little works of technical art can be found on and around the tables after the mass exodus from lunch everyday.

On a tour of LeTourneau, Inc., one current LETU student inspecting a big front-end loader for the first time, used the words "My gosh, that's beautiful." Apparently, that sentiment isn't unique, as a well-respected modern sculpture artist has created a series of works inspired by the designs of R.G. LeTourneau.

A British Sculpture Garden has a show of his work this Spring that is going on right now. Artist James Capper's work is highly techy and in his words, "R.G. LeTourneau did not build according to the rules of mechanical engineering. He had to rewrite the rules to make his ideas come alive...He is a huge influence."

You can read more about Mr. Capper's amazing works of art at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park website here or at LETU's Website here.

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