Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Student Perspectives: Textron Aviation Summer Internship, Part I

April Paul is an engineering student at LETU. Here, she shares her experiences as an intern with Textron Aviation.

April Paul
Another brisk Kansas morning, another day at Cessna.

This is my second summer to intern at my favorite company. Cessna, now known as Textron Aviation, has been my dream since my first week of interning, back in 2013. Throughout my time here, I’ve had the honor of working alongside a rather unique group of engineers. Oh yes, we are a wacky bunch, but my colleagues are some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. Last year they helped me design and build an ion gun and compose and conduct aircraft tests. This year I get to work with Lightning Generators and Radiation Chambers. I feel incredibly blessed to have this cool of a summer job.  Getting to put into practice the engineering knowledge and skills I’ve been developing at LeTourneau is such a gratifying and exciting adventure!

Wichita's botanical gardens
In addition, there is definitely good news for LeTourneau students at Textron Aviation! Over three times more LeTourneau students are being hired for full-time and intern positions than last year. Textron Aviation must like what they see! Moreover, I can speak as a LeTourneau student and say I like what I see, too! I’m so impressed by my company and the experiences Textron Aviation has given me!

After work, there are great things to do in Wichita. My favorite pastime is strolling through the gorgeous Botanica! Wichita’s botanical gardens are my paradise. Besides the invigorating beauty of nature, you never know what you’ll find as you wander through. Yesterday, when I was walking through the gardens, I spotted a small troupe of ballerinas in full costume dancing on the grand fountain! Yes, the Botanica is truly a whimsical place. 

My summer is shaping up to be an unforgettable one, so I’ll open up my doors and let life keep pourin’ in! 

For more information on how you can pursue a career like April's, visit our School of Engineering and Engineering Technology page. 


  1. Nice and all, but the first sentence is a bit inaccurate. April is an Electrical Engineering major, not an aviation student.

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