Thursday, January 24, 2013

Going International

"It's a small world after all"...that refrain rings incredibly true at the start of each new semester when we welcome a new group of students from literally every corner of the world. The photo below shows just a handful of our new international students from South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Haiti this semester.


LeTourneau University has a goal of reaching every workplace in every nation. This ambitious goal that was established by Dr. Lunsford is two-fold, though. It is not simply about sending students out into all the world. It is also about bringing them in, exposing both the incredible academics as well as the Good News of Jesus Christ to an entire world of students.

LETU students have a long history of not seeing borders. With every new semester, our student population grows increasingly more diverse. The incoming students bring with them unique traditions, foods and languages. They add incredible richness to our campus and allow all of our students the opportunity to learn in ways that a mere classroom and books could never provide. Our Chief Information Officer at LETU, Matthew Henry, hosts an entire group of international students in his home every Thanksgiving and Christmas. As these students often can't fly home over the break, Matthew opens his home to share traditional American holidays with them. You can read about this incredible story in the Longview News-Journal here.

What does this mean to you as a faithful LETU alumnus, dedicated faculty member, or friend of the university? It means that our LETU family is growing. It means that LeTourneau University is following in the footsteps of our founder. We are carrying the Good News of Jesus Christ into every workplace and every nation. It also means that we are opening our doors to every nation to come be a part of the most exciting time in LETU history. It means that YOUR LeTourneau family is growing more beautiful in the diversity of God's creation.

If you'd like to learn more about some of our incredible international programs, check out LETU's Office of International Studies here on our website and here on Facebook.

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