Friday, March 15, 2013

Incredible Outreach: Preston, England

Cold weather, drizzling rain and lots of tea… not exactly a vision of a traditional spring break. But that’s exactly what ten LETU business students are experiencing right now in Preston, England, and they’ve been looking forward to this trip for months.

The students, led by Drs. Karen and Wayne Jacobs, were challenged to put their business knowledge to work on this trip. Over the last semester, they prepared three workshops for small business owners, each of which they presented this week. The ailing state of England’s economy means times are tough for small business owners, and many of them have had little professional business training.

In the down time between workshops, they’ve partnered with Preston’s Heritage Church to beautifying the local community by collecting trash (or rubbish, as the Brits call it) from local parks so children have a cleaner place to play.

It can’t be ALL about work, though. The team also took a break from it all to visit a local eatery and chow down on some fish ‘n chips… that counts as an intercultural educational experience, right?

Today is the team’s last official day in England, so they’ll soon be saying their goodbyes to the friends they’ve made and boarding a plane back to Texas. Visit the LETU Schoolof Business facebook page to view more photos or read a recent news release to learn more!

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