Monday, April 15, 2013

Incredible Traditions: Hootenanny

Sometimes, our students just need a break and a chance to demonstrate their amazing creativity. With finals looming, they had that chance this weekend to kick back, forget about homework and tests, and have a few laughs at Hootenanny, LETU's annual pre-finals variety show.

A prized LETU tradition for over forty-five years, Hootenanny started as the finale of Frontier Week, which celebrated the old west. And even though we've since ditched the Frontier Week tradition, Hootenanny remains a major event and a favorite among students. In fact, some say you can tell a student's class ranking by which Hootenanny t-shirts he or she has won.

We're amazed every year by the the incredible amount of creativity students put into their Hootenanny acts. Student Ben Hanson won first place for his solo singing act entitled "Me, Myself, and I," in which he sang a harmony with nine other recorded versions of himself he had playing split-screen on the overhead projectors.

Students Brice Royer, Carly Robinson, Grace Peterson, and Joshua-Luke O'Conner took home the second place prize for their skit "Getting Ready for a Date," which poked fun of the ways male and female LETU students prepare (or don't prepare) for a date.

The LETU Rugby Club won third place for their traditional New Zealand Haka routine with a twist. They also managed to work ballet dancing, the Harlem Shake, and Gangnam Style into their routine.

We're extremely proud of our students for working so hard to make this year's Hootenanny one of the best yet!

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