Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Incredible Students: Missions in Ireland

For most LETU students, the word impossible isn't a roadblock, it's a challenge. That is certainly the case for nineteen year old LETU junior Michael Bonilla, who, come August, will be spending the following year in Ireland training for and then running a youth center in New Ross.

Michael first connected with the youth center last summer when he and a group of LETU students spent two weeks working with New Ross teens through Adventures in Missions. When he first traveled to Ireland, Michael never planned to go back, but God soon showed him He had other plans. When Michael was asked by three separate and unrelated individuals about his plans to return to the youth center, he knew God was leading him in that direction.

The center provides a much-needed hangout for local teens who otherwise spend their afternoons with friends on the streets of New Ross with little more to do than drink and smoke. The youth often don't have hope for anything except to leave New Ross, says Michael, and he hopes through sharing the love of Christ with them, he will bring them something greater to hope for.

Currently, the youth center is only open during the summer months, but Michael plans to help establish a year-round program. Following three months of training in a more established youth center in Kilkenny, Michael will head back to New Ross to run the youth center himself as well as recruit volunteers.

While in Ireland, Michael intends to keep up with his studies by taking LETU classes online.

We're constantly amazed by the incredible bravery and faith of our students. We're thankful that technology allow our students to continue their LETU classes even half a world away. And we're cheering on Michael as he seeks to reach the youth of New Ross and Kilkenny. God does amazing things through our students every day, and we're sure Michael will be no exception.

To learn more about Michael or to help support his upcoming trip, visit his blog, PerfectInterruptions.

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