Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Incredible Reconnections: Balloon Glow

Sometimes, it's great to reconnect... with a place, with a person or with a good memory. And with more than 65 years of students, faculty, friends and connections, LETU's alumni and friends are spread out all over the globe.

While we can't bring them all together at once (Let's face it; they wouldn't all fit in the Belcher Center), every year when dozens of hot air balloons float in for the annual Great Texas Balloon Race, alumni and friends stop by to grab a seat, watch some balloons and reconnect with LETU.

This year, alumni and visitors came from as close as Longview, Texas, to as far as South Africa and Costa Rica.

"This is a great time for Alumni in the Longview area to reunite and fellowship with each other and LETU faculty and staff," said Gail Ritchey, who helped coordinate this year's event. "While the hangar is a good place to rest and get out of the sun, many of our alumni come back every year because they enjoy meeting friends and attending the event together."

No matter how near or far our alumni go, we love to welcome them back and give them the chance to reconnect, even if it's just for an evening.

And, hey, hot air balloons make a pretty cool excuse.

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