Friday, August 23, 2013

New Students, New Stories

This past Wednesday, over 400 new students arrived on campus at LETU. Cars were unloaded, rooms were organized, new friendships were forged, and each new student took the first steps into a new and exciting stage in his or her life.

New Student Orientation is always an exciting time here at LETU. It's a time for us to meet the people who will become the face of LeTourneau University over the next four years. They'll earn prestigious awards, compete in regional and national competitions, design and create innovative solutions to problems across the globe and impact countless lives both physically and spiritually.  It's a time for us to meet the leaders of tomorrow - our future mountain movers.

But it's also a time for our new students to learn that being a part of LETU is about more than classrooms and course sequences. Being a LeTourneau student is about developing both intellectually and spiritually, forging lasting friendships, learning to make an impact in the world in tangible ways and not being afraid to work hard and get your hands dirty.

To teach this lesson, each year our freshman students team up with faculty and staff members and spend a morning making an impact in the local community by completing service projects. This year our freshman students did everything from painting churches, to picking up trash, to sorting and organizing merchandise at a local mission's resale shop.

We're so excited for all the good our new students are already doing, but their stories at LETU are just beginning. We know that what they do over the next four years will have a global impact, and it's our privilege to watch them become the pilots, teachers, engineers, pastors, businesspeople, chemists and psychologists of tomorrow. We have the amazing opportunity to watch them use their God-given talents to shape their own stories and the story of our world, and we can't wait to see what they do next.

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