Thursday, November 21, 2013

Incredible Conversations: MercyMe Meet and Greet

It’s not every day one gets to sit down with a double-platinum musician, but that’s exactly what LeTourneau University’s Worship Arts students were able to do this past weekend with Christian rock band MercyMe.

Photo by Emily Rogers
The group, formed in 1994, has won numerous awards for their work in the music industry, but more importantly, led countless people in worship over the past two decades.

LETU offers both a major and a minor in Worship Arts. The program is in its third year since establishment.

Students and MercyMe met Saturday afternoon before the band’s show, round table style, and conversed with students about leading worship, the formation of MercyMe, and life as a touring musician.

MercyMe gave insight on how the band members put their family first, even though they’re on the road most of the year. They also spoke about how to handle leading worship on difficult days.

Lead singer, Bart Millard, encouraged the students to serve to the best of their ability in their current positions – “Don’t look at your current position in life as a stepping stone. God has chosen you and no one else for that job.”

Senior Worship Arts major Ashley Bonilla said, “It was refreshing to hear that we shouldn’t be living life as each place is a stepping stone to something greater. Bart told us: live as if you were made for this moment and not expect to get 'promoted' to something great…As young worship leaders that’s important to hear, but as Christians it is even more important…It helps bring perspective on why we do what we do.”

Students expressed how helpful the meeting was for their pursuit of a degree in Worship Arts.

Allison Loggins said: “We were so incredibly blessed to meet with MercyMe. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know and learn from them. They had wonderful advice for each of us, and great stories to tell. I was very pleased to have had the chance to meet such an influential and talented band who uses their gifts to bring glory and praise to God.”

Photo by Emily Rogers


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