Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Incredible Students: 2015-2016 Student Body President Morgan Weaver

Jenna Pace is a writer for LeTourneau University and took the opportunity to meet with 2015-2016 Student Body President Morgan Weaver. Weaver has previously been involved with LETU Tennis, served as YAC Coordinator and team member of Themelios Cabinet, and recently received the R.G. LeTourneau Legacy Award. He has an palpable dedication for LETU and serving its students. 

JP: What made you want to run for Student Body President?

Morgan Weaver
MW: I got to see the job when I got involved in student life on YAC. It was cool to see their passion for what they do and it really appealed to me. When I checked my motivations, I didn’t want to do it to for a resume builder. I just wanted to do it for the job. I feel equipped and it’s something I’ll enjoy. I’m excited about it.

JP: What are some plans you have for next year as Student Body President?

MW: We’re going to have one morning every week that I can meet with students over coffee – free coffee – where they can come and share their ideas. I’m going to be intentional and ask lots of questions. It’s probably what I’m most excited about.

JP: What is the main goal you'll be working toward next year? 

MW: I want to listen and see in what ways I can get involved in students’ lives and create open lines of communication. It's not something that just happens; you have to be intentional about it. I want to see this school grow.

JP: How has being at LeTourneau shaped you as a person?

MW: When I graduated high school, I originally wanted to go to a big state school, but God brought me to a small, private Christian school, and I’ve been humbled a lot. I’ve learned about how strong Christian community can be and just how much I’ve needed to learn and grow before I go out into the secular world. I’ve also learned that ministry is wherever you are.

Stay tuned next year to learn more about the work Student Government will be doing! 

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