Thursday, May 19, 2016

10 Signs You Know You’re a LeTourneau Student

1. When half your wardrobe is free LeTourneau shirts.
Whether it’s sports, music, events or freshman orientation, LETU loves to give out t-shirts. One day you look up and realize they’ve taken over your closet.

2. You know the difference between a cape and a cloak.
Cloaks have hoods. C’mon that’s just common knowledge (here at LeTourneau).

Get it right.

3. Everyone has a 3D printer.
Ever since the freshman started building their own 3D printers, it’s not uncommon to pass at least a dozen people carrying one while on your way to class.

They literally broke a world record.

4. You’ve been ponded.
Ponding (noun): throwing an LETU peer into the pond.
Some people see ponding as a right of passage; others see it as a birthday celebration. Either way, it happens quite frequently and is usually well deserved.

It's not that deep...we think.

5. Hootenanny is above all.
Hootenanny is the best event that LeTourneau University puts on every year during Homecoming. It’s the big one. Nothing will ever top it.


6. You know walking the loop makes you official.
Everyone knows if you walk the loop around campus with another person, you’re practically married.

7. You thought the dance was an April Fool’s joke.
This is a recent phenomenon. YAC announced there would be a dance on April 1st and everyone was skeptical. It was a barn dance and it was awesome. It also actually did happen.

It took an official announcement to convince everyone it was real.

8. You own a longboard, have almost been run over by a longboard, or have watched someone fall off a longboard.
This one is pretty self-explanatory.

9. The bell tower has made you jump.

You know it’s 11:59 and the bell tower will ring in one minute. You still jump. 

10. Your floor is home.
Dorm floors are much more than a place to live. Your floor is who you eat with, play intramurals with, hang out with and live life with. It is a community unlike any other.

Fam for life. 


  1. 11. You have strong opinions about recumbent bicycles.

  2. Berm sliding anyone? Larping?

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