Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Incredible Achievements: Carly Robinson, Texas Student Teacher of the Year

At LeTourneau, we take pride in providing our students with a world-class education. We could offer a plethora of examples of successful students and graduates. Today, though, we’re focusing on our newest CSOTTE Texas Student Teacher of the Year – the fifth LETU student to receive this honor in less than ten years.

Carly Robinson is a 2014 Teacher Education graduate, and completed her student teaching at Pine Tree Middle School in Longview. From her description of her experience there, her passion for teaching is undeniable.

Robinson in her element
“Having an entire year to get to know these students was a privilege, not only because of the deeper look at how they could be hilarious and difficult and gifted and shy at the same time, but because of the school year's pacing and the whole class' changes throughout 8h grade,” she said.

Being an educator is more of a calling than an occupation for Robinson: Teaching combines the ideal with the practical, since character and thought formation make a world of difference to individuals, who collectively can make an even greater difference in the world. I hope to live out the gospel though my profession in this way.”

There’s obviously something unique about LETU’s education program, Robinson being the most recent in a long line of its graduates named Texas Student Teacher of the Year.

“Every professor at LeTourneau has a very missional perspective on teaching. The training they offer is very thorough, hands-on in the field, well-versed in theory and research, and ready to apply after graduating,” Robinson said. “But the most impactful thing is how they model teaching as discipleship: seeing students as uniquely gifted and valuable, coming alongside them through the learning process so they grow holistically as well as academically.”

Promptly after graduating this past May, Robinson was offered a full-time position teaching fourth grade with Hutto ISD.

I am thrilled to teach some of my favorite subjects - language arts and Texas history - to students who are in what is often considered a golden age group. 4th graders have great potential and excitement to soak up information, and they're getting old enough to start owning study skills and reading motivation for themselves.”

Robinson, however, doesn’t take all the credit for her success.

“The process of applying and being offered a job at Hutto is one of the most significant, unmistakable examples of God's providence in my life recently. It will be challenging but very rewarding!” she said.

That’s one of the things that makes LETU a unique place: students who excel academically and professionally while viewing the workplace as a mission field.

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