Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Incredible Students: Student Body President Avery Cheeley

The votes have been cast, and LETU has announced the 2014-2015 student body president as Avery Cheeley.

Avery Cheeley, LETU's '14-'15 Student Body President
Cheeley, a junior mechanical engineering major, feels his sociable nature will help him be an effective president.

“The biggest thing that student body president does is have a gauge of student opinions and I think I can do an effective job at that because I know students and administration. I can be a good advocate for students,” Cheeley said. “My skills are geared toward people. It’s who I am.”

Cheeley has built his reputation for being an effective leader this school year as YAC president – an experience he described as “awesome.”

“It’s been a great year,” he said.

While Cheeley fully plans to support academics and student life, his aim is to encourage the spiritual lives of LETU students as well.

“One thing I’m really passionate about, and I would pursue regardless, is discipleship and creating small groups on campus for people who are seeking growth – that they would have a way of going about that. Student led, student run.”

He said wants to enlist interested students in starting small groups that branch out beyond being limited to specific floors.

“Mentorship, discipleship, seeking God – that’s something I think is necessary,” he said.

Dean of Students Corey Ross is confident in Cheeley’s new position and as an efficient voice between students and administration.

“Avery has done a great job this past year as the leader of student activities. I know him to be a strong leader who is not afraid to ask difficult questions and who genuinely seeks to learn from his conversations with students and administrators.  He will not hesitate to share, respectfully, what is on the students’ minds and hearts, but he will also do a great job communicating back the perspective he is gaining along the way.”