Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Incredible Heights: LETU's Partnership with American Eagle Airlines

College students can be apprehensive about the competitive job market into which they are plunged after graduation. For LeTourneau University (LETU) aviation students, that fear is significantly dwindling as a result of the LETU School of Aeronautical Science’s new partnership with American Eagle Airlines (AEA).

The agreement, referred to as the Pilot Pipeline Program, is one of only of eight similar agreements with schools in the country. It was extremely well received among students at yesterday’s signing ceremony.

“It’s really exciting,” aviation student Grace Peterson said. “I think it will be an extra incentive for students, knowing that there are very tangible and lucrative careers to be had upon graduating.”

The program allows its graduates to become pipeline instructors at LETU, employed by AEA. Those who are admitted, after signing a two-year commitment, receive a $10,000 scholarship. Upon completing requited flight hours, participants then move on to first officer training with AEA. 

As aviation student Tyler Wilson said, “It provides a path for flight students to look forward to committing after college.”

American Eagle Captain Richard King expressed confidence in LETU aviation graduates.

“We have seen some of our best and brightest come from LeTourneau—We are very excited to continue expanding our relationship with LeTourneau and look forward to seeing many more of you at American Eagle Airlines.”

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